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About me:I like to travel. I like To enjoi LIFE to the fullest. Shed light dont master! Cant wait for my baby to get out the womb so we can dance to musta bin the roses. DONT HATE.
Member Since:March 31, 2010
Last Login:October 6, 2011
Location:Gardiner, ME
Birthday:July 14
Music means to me:The one and only thing that has always been there for me. more that my own blood family itself. BLESS.
Schools:Lacey High, Middletown North, and Class Academy.... oh yea Lakehurst navel base vocational for audio engineering...
General Interests:im intrested when people come to me and they need something then we both leave with a smole on our face. thats me babe. im the one there looking for.
Other Distractions:ewww. rufffff.... i have been batteling a opiate addiction for 10 years now. im 25. this is the longest ive gone clean 61 days today! GDF what!


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