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About me:I'm the talent buyer, soundman, promotions manager and event planner for The Waterfront in Menomonie, Wisco, part owner, promoter and planner of Fat Fest, Sustainability Coordinator for Operation Adaptation: A Festival For A Healthy Planet, and an avid music junky (to an almost life-wrecking degree, really!). I do everything with my girlfriend Holland and I love my friends and family.
Member Since:February 14, 2006
Last Login:April 7, 2010
Location:Menomonie, WI
Birthday:March 19
Music means to me:Words cannot express... and maybe that's the answer too!
Schools:Stout, Stout, it's what it's all about...
General Interests:Interesting, passionate, intelligent, fun or otherwise mysterious people, my friends and extended family, politics, words, storms, the funk, the skunk (and monks?), festival season, the yonder mountain family, hip new music venues, delicious new beers and the "go to" Two Hearted Ale, costumes, interesting party ideas, group participation, good cheese, hula hoopers, and a whole lot of other stuff.
Other Distractions:My girlfriend (Holland), TS Eliot, Tom Robbins, the Brewers, the election (go Obama!), and some other stuff too.


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