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About me:professional musician, bassist/saxophonist for the world...
the blue method, xande cruz & the batukis, i yahn i arkestra, franklin bridge, malene younglao, dozens others.

cat/animal lover, vegetarian, chef extreme, canibus manipulator
Member Since:July 20, 2008
Last Login:August 6, 2008
Location:Philadelphia, PA
Birthday:March 14
Music means to me:everything...love it all from prince to steely dan, from michael jackson to the band, from mint condition to fela anikulapo kuti, from bad brains to tchaicovsky.
Schools:drexel university c/o 2003, bishop mcnamara c/o 1999
General Interests:shoes, herb, cuisine, fitness, books, movies
Other Distractions:i have a serious thing for homestarrunner.com and king of the hill.