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Social networking... that's the name of the game.

Just moved to San Francisco. This town is the shiiit. Going back to school... just started audio engineering and music production classes at Pyramind.

Been working several part-time jobs for some promoters, venues, and production companies... As of recently, I did some volunteer work for Noise Pop as well as Burning Man and C3 Presents.

I am currently one of the marketing and street team coordinators for a local, electronic music production company and record label called MalLabel Music. We throw underground Dubstep/Glitch hop parties as well as promote and distribute local, electronic music. If you are into electronic music at all... you should definitely check us out. We throw some of the sickest underground parties in SF.

I am also a DJ for a local Santa Clara radio station (103.3 FM) and I work on and off campus promotions.
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I DJ, play guitar, and manage/promote a hip hop/reggae band called Natural Effect. I also sing, play drums, bass, harmonica, and a little piano.

I'm in the process of starting another band... haven't decided which direction I wanna take it, but I will keep you posted...

I also DJ @ bars, clubs, and house parties for fun... and a little extra cash. I mostly spin electronic music, but I will indulge in a little hip hop from time to time. I've been spinning a lot of Dubstep and Glitch Hop as of recently...
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Location:Santa Clara, CA
Birthday:May 4
Schools:Bachelor of Science in Commerce - Santa Clara University
Major: Management
Minor: Music
General Interests:Promotions / Studio & Concert Productions / Event Planning / Marketing / A&R / Booking / Local Artists / Musicians / DJs / Networking / Live Music / Radio
Other Distractions:Guitar, singing, drums, bass, harmonica, mandolin, DJ, skiing, snowboarding, dancing, partying, people watching, cooking, camping, hiking, fishing, climbing, rafting, canoeing, tubbing, swimming, golf, Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf, skateboarding, surfing, listening to music, going to shows/festivals, driving with the windows down, dark beer


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