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About me:Recently married (after a 7 year "engagement").
Anxiously awaiting '20 January 09' and the end of the political and humanitarian nightmare that is the Bush administration.
Hoping that we won't be subjected to a THRID term, by electing McCain & Palin (it pains me to even type their names).
Born and raised in California.
Lived in New Orleans for a few years.
Member Since:September 12, 2008
Last Login:September 25, 2008
Location:Long Beach, CA
Birthday:April 18
Music means to me:My entire life has always had a "soundtrack". From childhood to adulthood, music has always been essential. It is also the ultimate "memory trigger". Good, bad or indifferent, nothing can "take you back" like music. Well maybe a familiar or comforting smell...but that's an entirely different subject.
General Interests:Travel, Film, Literature & Politics


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