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About me:I love live music(jam, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Reggae, dance.etc.) festivals, playing guitar,all hand drums, hearing interesting positive philosophies, hugs, rainbows, lollipops, good people etc. I live in upstate NY currently which is where I roam, in the past I've also spread my vibe all over West Palm beach/ Lake Worth Florida and other east coast cities and states. Summertime is festival time for me this year I caught Sterling Stage Folkfest, Mountain Jam, Racknfriends, The catskill Mountain Music festival, Bellstock 14, and the 32nd annual Athens Street festival and they all rocked. Festivals I wish i made it to were gathering of the vibes, Camp Bisco, Phanfest, Camp Creek, and moe.down. Fact of the matter is it's hard to do them all, we'll see what we can catch next summer :) Until then you'll find me @ all Guthrie/Bell productions @ rev hall and other venues because live music is where it's @ baby , awww yeah www.myspace.com/guthriebell to check out the best shows coming to NY , you'll also find out about great shows if you go to that jambase website, you know the one
Member Since:July 21, 2005
Last Login:July 5, 2015
Location:Catskill, NY
Birthday:May 25
Music means to me:I live for music bigtime!! I help promote in the Albany/Troy/upstate NY area for any good shows, I play in the band Positive Mental Trip and I used to play in the Albany band One track Mind. I have our annual music festival (The catskill Mountain Music Festival/Positive Mental Trip-fest May 30-June 1 08') every year and 08' is sure to be the best we've had. Most of my free time is consumed by my neverending love for music and I intend to keep it that way.
General Interests:meeting more good peeps here on jambase, keeping jambase.com about the bands that actually do jam!!
Other Distractions:First of all i'd like to protest all the heavy metal mainstream bands now being promoted on jambase.com. You don't see them promoting Trey/Phil Lesh on heavy metal .com. Yeah I did'nt think so. if were gonna have all these non jam type acts all over jambase you might as well change the name guys cause that's false advertising. 2nd of all, I love jambase anyway no matter what I just said


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