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About me:I love music and freinds and playin tunes, surfing and freinds. Need I remind you how they help me. (HIgh with a little help)
Member Since:February 13, 2009
Last Login:February 5, 2012
Location:Salisbury, MD
Birthday:October 24
Music means to me:It alludes to the unknown, resitant part of human emotion. Some people dont dig it cause it opens spaces one did not know of before. Music started out as a way to express these feelings and give this senethstisia? back to the poeple. Then the spoken language and the introduction of lyrics in music. Then music became a forefront for not only giving you a story in your head, but taking that story to new heights everytime you see a live band. It brings your soul out and funks it up
Schools:Salisbury State
General Interests:I love art, reading, toking, collecting lots o music ya know mon.
Other Distractions:The Apple Juice


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