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About me:Hi my name is Miss Liz, i live in Pittsburgh, Pa
Member Since:August 10, 2009
Last Login:July 14, 2015
Location:Leland, NC
Birthday:December 28
Music means to me:Music is the world to me. From the time i was a baby to the present future i will always listen to it. My parents were a big influence, so i am very thankful for that. i listen to just about everything but i am really into the jam bands, grateful dead, yonder mountain, sublime. etc..... i love hearing new music it brings life to my ears and i am very open about it too.
Schools:high school of course
Pittsburgh Art Institute for interior design
General Interests:festivals, dancing, friends, walking through the woods, meditation, having partys but also just relaxing, fires fires fires!!!! arts and crafts
Other Distractions:driving, i love to travel just pick up and GO!!! of course going to in-door shows too they are always fun


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