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About me:I am Awsome! disc golf is pretty much life right now when im not at work and the sun is up im golfin. and after the sun goes down im either chillin at a friends house BBQin, drinking, or watching Tv or all at the same time, or im at home playin my Bass, X360, practicing Putting or trying to make beats with FL, Or im out drinking on Frenchmen, Lagers, Dana's, Swamp room or one of the other Thousands of bars in the Great City of New Orleans
Member Since:June 4, 2009
Last Login:May 13, 2014
Location:Kenner, LA
Birthday:November 25
Music means to me:Music is Life i am always listening to music (except at work cuz it considered "unsafe" and "distracting")
Schools:Brother Martin HS
General Interests:Disc golf, movies, video games
Other Distractions:Camping, Hiking, Rafting


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