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About me:I love jamband music and mostly everything too. I love when a radio plays just white noise sometimes. I am in a band called Pizza T Z Kamp Extravaganza. I dropped out of high school and went straight to my BA degree, I even skipped the AA. Now all I do is hustle and jamz. I love going to live shows with real live instruments, not just a cd and a lip singer.
Member Since:June 27, 2007
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Location:Olympia, WA
Birthday:August 31
Music means to me:DNA, its just what happened.
Schools:BA from the Evergreen State College
General Interests:Finding people to help build Sustainuhdomez, and I also like to tell people about building number 7.... wanna know more?
I'm interested in Bush jr. and how he got away with 9-11.
Other Distractions:B.C. Rich guitars, Relix, myspace, and recording music with my friends. I love my little boy Treypac and my wife Shannon Marrie Mckaughan


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Mon 1/12/2009 4:06PM
I've seen them play and it was in the sunshine. I liked it. The album is very good. Its a little heartbreaking to listen to the lyrics. Makes you remember when love is going wrong. Very emotional, but I wanted him to start singing, fuck you, you ruined my life and my next song is called I saw an Alien. Some girl is to blame for the intense lyrics. But its very good and well produced. i hope the next album has some positive songs about a well functioning relationship.;