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About me:Born and Raised in Richmond, VA.

"Home, is where I want to be... but I guess I'm already there."

Doing a lot of traveling right now, but Richmond is always on my mind.

Currently living in Ecuador, but gonna am going to try to plan a visit corresponding to Camp Barefoot 5 - the flight is gonna be quite expensive so winning a ticket would SEAL THE DEAL
Member Since:May 18, 2004
Last Login:May 9, 2011
Location:Richmond, VA
Birthday:July 29
Music means to me:Expression, Funk, Friends, Self-Exploration, Moments of Divine Pleasure Comparable Only to Orgasms
Schools:Virginia Commonwealth University
General Interests:Other Cultures, Percussion, Finding Poetry and Beauty in the Ordinary and Mundane, Juxtapositions, Sustainable Development, Other Languages, FUNK, Travel, Tropic Environments, Being Out of My Comfort Zone
Other Distractions:Women


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