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About me:OYE, I am a professional lab rat,and you think i am kidding, I keeed you not. My Goal in life is to see the World, one country at a tyme. Maybe Slowly but surely, meet some interestin' kats, and eat lots of spinach, you know the stuff popeye ate back in the dizzaye that made him indispensable, like superman. Catch me on a good day I might braid your hair or buy you some pickles. :) lets all good back to the garden
Member Since:June 27, 2007
Last Login:October 15, 2007
Location:Oneida, WI
Birthday:December 1
Music means to me:ben and jerry baby, inseparable!
Schools:part time student stress the PART TIME
General Interests:Traveling, Hiking, Snowboarding, Tea, Good conversation, hula hoopin ;)


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