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About me:Go see live music.
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Birthday:December 23
Music means to me:I'll get back to this one...
Schools:STLCC - Meramec, CU Boulder
General Interests:Photography, cooking, craft beer, wine, coffee, climbing, camping, road tripping
Other Distractions:"The lady friend" and collecting music related items (music itself, t-shirts, live shows, limited prints, etc.)


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Tue 5/5/2009 4:18PM
It's good to get back onto JamBase. The site has been quite a bit updated since I last used the features as a registered user. I love the iPhone app. It seems to help me go see live music a little too much but after moving back to Saint Louis, MO from Colorado it was a hard sell and a hard move especially considering there might be so many less live shows. On that note and for those who remember this fine establishment... RIP Mississippi Nights