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About me:I was born on the wrong planet, i like coconuts, recreational chemistry, and david bowie. If you wear the same clothes people will remember you better.
Member Since:August 16, 2007
Last Login:October 4, 2009
Location:York, PA
Birthday:August 24
Music means to me:Music is an amazing energy source that builds intensely overwhelming sensations, takes you through the cracks of time, and just as your floating weightlessly amongst the clouds you get pulled into a void that relocates you in another times forgotten space....and when you return you realize you can't even begin to describe this amazing phenomenon, but you love it more than words can tell
General Interests:Music, health, quantum mechanics, theoretical physics, microbiology, philosophy, psychology, neuron programming, ecology and biology.
Other Distractions:CSI, fun!, when both hands are at 4, rolling up hills, melting things, a lot of things


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