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About me:Phlume Management is a band management and music managing organization dedicated to independent music; focused on promoting jam, jazz, funk, and rock music and the bands that perform the creative indie sound. Our management efforts in the music industry assist in the promotions of your band’s music, your CDs, your concerts and live perfomances, your web site and online presence, your live performances, your merchandise including your band shirts, stickers, posters, and collectibles.
Member Since:March 14, 2006
Last Login:February 16, 2011
Location:Kittery, ME
Birthday:September 17
Music means to me:As true fans of the Improvisational sound, you will always have a “kind” ear listening to your sets. Knowing first and foremost that your music is a freeform collaboration of sounds you create and perform on stage; the music itself can easily becomes another member of your band. Ever changing and ever merging with new material- like water flowing through a gorge. Our management mission at Phlume is to guide that music, helping it to flow it where it needs to go, creating a larger buzz, delivering it to the industry professionals. We want to be the channel that your music can flow through. How do we do this? We let the music itself be the biggest influence ... We simply surrender to it’s flow.


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