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About me:I'm from Buffalo NY been here all my life, I enjoy the outdoor shows we have here, always something going on :-). I'm married to a great woman going on 4 yrs, I've been into grateful dead and phish since 98, I'm always down to get down at shows :-) Oh and I finally wanna break out of the lurking that I've been doing for awhile around here. I generaly enjoy most peoples input here on the board. I'm sure I'll think of more but for now...
Member Since:June 7, 2010
Last Login:September 21, 2015
Location:Buffalo, NY
Birthday:February 15
Music means to me:Music is everything to me, it has helped me though alot in my life. To me there is no greater feeling then hearing your favorite solos, or seague's to get you through life.
General Interests:I enjoy the outdoors,fishing,camping,hiking. I am interested in learning to play guitar, and hope to someday


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