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About me:I'm the radical political activist/DJ/promoter/paralegal who you see posting videos on youtube as Phinnegan Phipps & on facebook as Saint Phinnegan Of The Endless Highway/Lot....& His Videos....

I rescue people - call me at 970-426-9418 if you're ever in trouble!

I was born at Yale Univeristy in New Haven, CT, & grew up working rock concerts/touring with the Dead; lost myself in San Francisco & found myself in Durango, Colorado; & now I'm fighting on the front lines of the culture wars in central Jersey against the oppressive mind-control regime that wants to deprive us of our basic human nature & fit us all into their evil tiny boxes: long live the cultural oases which we last defenders of the faith in freedom find in our wild gala-vanting & our grizzly wiles...
Member Since:December 21, 2007
Last Login:About 9 hours ago
Location:Plainfield, NJ
Birthday:July 26
Music means to me:Everything & nothing: significance is overrated!
Schools:I'm a big fan, as if you couldn't tell!
General Interests:Just about anything one can think of....
Other Distractions:As many & often as possible!

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