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About me:tend to be a floater as I like to explore different worlds and people. I love hanging out with all of my WONDERFUL friends! I don't belong to any specific group but I tend to fall in the hippy/gypsy category. I have a good sense of humor, easy going, approachable, caring, understanding, compassionate, spontaneous, loving, curious, & creative. The little things matter to me!!! I LOVE TO PARTY!!!! I am in school in-and-out, since I am paying for it and can't always afford it. I am working on getting my life in order.I strive HARD to be unique. I hate blending into the crowd! I love meeting new people and learning new things! I am a very curious person...Any more questions?? Just ask! I'm pretty open about almost everything. Have a nice day!
Member Since:May 16, 2008
Last Login:May 16, 2010
Location:Baltimore, MD
Birthday:June 13
Music means to me:LIFE!!!! Without it I couldn't survive! EVERYTHING I do needs to have music accompanying it. When my music is absent from my life it becomes dull, unclear, and boring. Music is my inspiration, helps with coping, and makes me ALIVE!
Schools:Currently, In College pursing Business Admin AA but want to switch to Holistic Health Practitioner
General Interests:Flowers,meeting new people, sunsets, candles, rain, butterflies, music-all types really, sleep,clubs,friends,cell-phone, cars,video games,pink,purple,royal blue, ocean, beach, summer, Gemini,tarot,anything paranormal, fairies, belly dancing, making jewelry, crafts, traveling- I've been to Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, and Switzerland so far, watching/learning about people and their lives, clubs, raves, anything to do with gypsy or hippies, poetry, water,drums, music, camping, colors, learning, musicals,singing, Hippie festivals,concerts, tattoos, piercings, yoga,nature, inner peace.


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