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About me:I like to travel outside of Texas as much as possible. I enjoy meeting new people because everyone's got a different, dynamic story that makes sense in its own unique way. I love live music and enjoy counting how many times I get goosebumps at shows. Record = I lost track at 36 at Phish 9/30/2000 Thomas and Mack LV, NV
Member Since:September 12, 2007
Last Login:June 18, 2011
Location:Plano, TX
Birthday:September 17
Music means to me:On any given night, any given band in any given town can transcend music into shared, raw emotion that can not be described in the moment but can be shared by all who will listen. Live music is my main inspiration to press on during the tough times and to keep smiling during the good.
Schools:LSU- B.S. Psychology
SMU-M.A Conflict Settlement and Alternative Dispute Resolution
General Interests:the outdoors, sports, louisiana
Other Distractions:movies