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About me:I found something i will never lose.
I grew up with this, knew it, could mayybe of said i believed it, told some i did, told some i didnt. but then i went outside of the country. i went and experienced something knew. i now realize i was on a search the entire time. i finally found it, i found Him.

Its funny, you may think this ridiculas for saying, most will but bear with me. its funny how out of tune America is to the spiritual side of the life. the spiritual world. In America, it is hidden , buried beneath our silver lexus and new mac computer, beneath our fancy jewelry, mansions, and lives of unfulfilments, one right after the other.

Our search is endless for us, until the day we die. It is the American dream.

...but anyways, i urge you to go beyond this country, beyond europe even japan or china. go to a country in povertry, in struggle and pain, see how they cope and here how.

You will not find one athiest out in those woods.

its a different war out there, it is between which one to believe rather a war of believing anything at all.
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