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About me:rep'n da east coast! Jer-z baby! big shout 2 all my NJ natives & peoples ery-where else across da map! i luv 2 travel, burn it down, throw 1 back, & party w/ my peeplz! celebrate'n each day 2 da fullest!
Member Since:March 21, 2009
Last Login:June 27, 2010
Location:Warren, NJ
Birthday:December 2
Music means to me:music is emotion. emotion given external form. form we can feel. not just hear. it touches us. hearing it is just the source of transportation for the emotion. it speaks to us on a different plane of existence. perhaps the existence we once came from. music trancends & music heals. it gives opinion & influences decesion. music moves millions. we should all appreciate it & use it wisely. im in luv w/ music. im in luv w/ sound. rythm. melody. expressed emotions. life.
Schools:School of Hard Knocks, holey socks & kick'n rocks!
General Interests:Music production/Art/Graffiti/Hiking/Dancing


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