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About me:I'm rather eclectic in nature and like a variety of things! I am very interested in spirituality and believe in protecting the integrity of freedom of religion-for all paths.

I love music... For quite a few years of my life I traveled around the country to see the Dead play at various venues and during that time I fell in love with music more than I ever imagined possible.

I currently am admittedly a Warren Haynes addict and really digging Phil n Friends, Govt Mule, ABB, Goerge Porter Jr, and soooo many more it would take forever to list ;)

In addition to being a music phreak, I am a singer/songwriter and create and share my own expressions through writing, singing and playing guitar. I have had a great opportunity in the last couple of years to really start getting out there and playing live shows and I look forward to more.

I have a myspace music page at www.myspace.com/osciannamusic. I'm currently working on a demo and also playing keyboards in a band =)

I love everything outdoors, MUSIC, spirituality, philosophy & debate, drinking good beer, getting to know people and learning who they are and generally enjoying life. I still feel like I"m 20 years old LOL.

Member Since:April 5, 2007
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Location:Ballwin, MO
Birthday:May 13
Music means to me:It represents my dreams, my inspiration, my spirituality...it is what allows my soul to fly free yet it grounds me and keeps me connected. It has the capacity to touch my heart on its deepest level yet get my feet and body groovin and having a good time. Music....it is an expression of all emotions on every level...yet can do so without ever speaking a single word....
General Interests:mind boggling discussions, spirituality, mama earth, camping, hiking, festivals of all kinds, disc golf, science, drumming around campfires, playing guitar (!!!), playing keyboards, writing, blogging, getting to know people and lets not forget spending time with my two sweet kiddos =)
Other Distractions:hah. too many to list =)


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