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About me:I'm just a kind chick married to a kind dude who loves live music and totally supports the local independent artists in and around Indianapolis.
Member Since:November 6, 2001
Last Login:April 18, 2013
Location:Indianapolis, IN
Birthday:April 9
Music means to me:Music means freedom and love and community and passion and energy...the ultimate peace
Schools:Portage High School, Valaparaiso University, Indiana University
General Interests:LIVE MUSIC, festivals, hanging out with friends, wine (I'm an aspiring oenephile), my dogs, poetry, Beat writings, and on and on and on
Other Distractions:Favorite Movie: Grace of My Heart,
Favorite Book: Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac,
Favorite Band: Pink Floyd followed closely by the Greatful Dead and Widespread Panic,
Favorite Festival: 10,000 Lakes in Detroit Lakes MN


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