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About me:I am a tall white man who shakes his ass at various musical events in and around the Delaware Valley.
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Music means to me:A chance to get out and boogie.
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A continued review
Thu 2/7/2008 7:44AM

I sure didn't bang out this year in review with much pace. Here it is already February and I am just getting back to March.


To start the month off I went to the North Star for Stanton Moore's trio. Philadelphia has to few spots like the North Star. While the place can become quite crowded, the over all ahillness of the venue always helps to calm any space complaints. Personally I never worry about space. I am however quite large so that is not a real problem. There is something about the rhythms that Stanton engages the audience with. He certainly is a product of New Orleans with his sycapation and march like feel. He is always one of the first people I want to see at Jazzfest, so to bring it to a home show is always enjoyable. The show itself was your pretty standard Stanton show with songs from III and Licorce? Not real sure about the name of that other album. The crowd was not ashamed to sway with the music, and that always helps to make a show more fun.

Music I have seen
Tue 12/18/2007 12:44PM

As a way to practice my typing and writting, a blog to review the 2007 year in music for me. With the help of Jambase and the fact that it kept my calender intact, I plan to review the shows I went to in the past year. Also, as a way to track my progress, don't expect much editing. I know I can't spell, soon you will too.