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About me:OK, so a lot of artists have a biography done for them, but me, I'll do something a little different and give you an autobiography of myself. I am a young R&B Singer/Songwriter/Producer inspired by music my entire life. Music for me is medicine because I believe that any question you may ask yourself in this world today, there is a song already recorded by some artist in the music industry that answers that very question running through your mind. Born and partially raised in Brooklyn, NY and partially raised and currently in Orange, NJ and given birth by parents of the Jamaican heritage, all types of music have surrounded me throughout my entire life and I enjoy every minute of it. Music is my passion and soon it will be my life and career.
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Music means to me:Music to most people means "organized sound." To me, music means "organized sound with passion." The reason why? It's one thing to have organized sound, but it's another thing to have organized sound with that passion and drive for music. Music has a connection that has to be established and obtained within the souls of the artists to the souls of the listeners. This connection can either come from personal experiences from the artists that the listeners can fully relate to, or situations that occur on a day to day basis.


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