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About me:If you are a fan of Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, U2, Justin Bieber or Lady Antebellum, then just turn away now. Save yourself the disappointment. The music of Oliver Vanity is obviously not your style of brew. Honestly, you are more likely to be offended than impressed. Not that the preceding artists aren't "bad-ass" in a cute, Disney kind of way. They indeed deliver to their fans...but so does Oliver Vanity, only what they deliver is more like a shotgun.

Fans of Empire of the Sun, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, SleighBells, Passion Pit or 3OH!3, put on yo' slippers and relax, because you'll feel right at home with the musical combustion of Oliver Vanity. Combining high-energy, pop-influenced melodies with dance beats so grimy and infectious that you'll need a box of Band-Aids to get through the track, Oliver Vanity sets itself apart from the rest of the indie-dance world by their unique blending of the digital and rock-music worlds. The collaboration between former punk frontman Chip Herter and established electronic music producer Chuck Lepley started as a friendship in their youth. The duo would often dream of writing music that excited the masses. While other kids were dissecting frogs and playing game of pickup basketball, these two would be dissecting lyrics and devising ways to share their music with the masses. Now, 15 years in the making, Oliver Vanity yields an unstoppable mix of samples, beats and live instrumentation thrown into overdrive to sound dirtier than your nappy hair; and their danceable rhythms are daring you not to move like you've just discovered rhythm. If the melodically-drenched lyrics and song hooks don't get your attention, then surely the beats that hit harder than your alcoholic mother will. Oliver Vanity is an indie-dance experience waiting to cause a reaction. They are a pool of gasoline running to fireworks factory, and you've got a match. So what are you waiting for? Aren't you curious to see what happens next?
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