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About me:This new release already has local radio support and has hit the ground running with airtime on KNRK 94.7 and KUFO 101.1 both in Portland, Oregon where this band began. The CD is awaiting cue humbly placed in KEXP Seattle’s library. How about something completely different? This is an unassuming progressive concept album by today’s standard, and why not? It is a refreshing indulgence after all. This new CD is a great example of what freeform, selfless, and independent music can be accomplished with a very modest budget, delivered with solid production, and within a truly independent format. Independent music is where all the potential is, and this album is a great example of what is possible beyond all the limitations music faces today. The live band currently features William Weikart on vocals, guitars, and synthesizers, and is fleshed out by Kevin Cozad (piano, synthesizers, vocals), Reinhardt Melz (drums), Ian Wengs (bass), and Matthew Bradley (guitars). Their live performances create a unique blend of resonance and transcendence from their debut full-length CD, “Psycheclectic”.
“Weikart also knows his way round a doomy riff and a grunge melody. …Contemporary touchstones are Type O Negative and Mastodon’s artier moments. When they stick to the more straight forward heavy psychedelia however, the results are exceptional and impressive.” Tim Batcup Classic Rock Magazine (UK) April 2009.
“An ambitious prog-rock album where surface-sutured layers of trippy textures and trances melt into ominous simmering swatches of deep-seated psychotronic sensations before slowly coalescing together again." Jeffrey Morgan Creem Magazine September 2008.
“Tough, fervid and intense, at various times over the course of Psycheclectic they resemble a more inspired Soundgarden with a bigger paintbox… …It’s surprising and instructive to discover how well their brawny, muscular, scruff-of-the-neck acid rock offsets and complements… It’s an aural entente between UK and US psych templates, no less…” The Reviews Editor Shindig! Magazine London (UK) December 2008.
“There is so much going on within this album that it takes many plays to fully explore the multi layers and sometimes disguised dimensions it contains. The production…is first class. …Both psychedelic and eclectic drawing from not only Floyd influences but releasing those energies and letting them go on their own journey…not only rewarding but is also fascinating and compelling. It is a brave move… Jeff Perkins Blog Critics Magazine published in The Seattle Examiner Online August 2008.
“…The album takes great inspiration from Pink Floyd, but really stands with its own persona. …Obscured By Clouds takes what they heard and learned from Pink Floyd and adapted it to their own play. And the thing is, these kids rock. …Different songs (would) be described as everything from classic rock to feedback experimentation to folk to perhaps even Celtic in its epic descriptions of landscape and emotional impact. "Zoë Zolofft" works as an homage to Syd Barrett in a "song about a girl, a sitar, and modern pharmakinetics"… "Love's Love" calls up images of love personified "with a Floydishly acoustic accompaniment." Jeff Provine Blog Critics Magazine published in The Seattle Examiner Online July 2008.
“Dark, ambitious, brooding and atmospheric, it’s a bold and unique statement from a band that’s gotten the stamp of approval from Pink Floyd mastermind David Gilmour himself. The record is attention-grabbing from start to conceptual finish. You can bet money the record release show will be a brilliant affair.” Barbara Mitchell The Portland Tribune August 2008.

Key Points:
• Radio Play: KNRK 94/7 Alt. Portland, KUFO 101.1 Classic Portland, KEXP Seattle (library).
• Interviews: Progression Magazine 4-2009, Blogcritics.com, INK19.com, and Cosmogaming.
• Los Angeles, CA – The Whiskey a Go-Go – Friday August 28th, 2009.
• Tokyo, Japan - Honda Motors & Yahoo select 120 million projected listeners to hear
OBC’s song “Cast Close the Gate” on their streaming music widget.
• Portland, OR - The Doug Fir – TBA Friday or Saturday, August 7th or 8th, 2009.
• Seattle, WA – Studio Seven – July 29th, 2009.
• Seattle, WA – Comet Tavern – Friday July 3rd, 2009.
• Portland, OR – Dante’s – July 1st, 2009.
• Seattle, WA – L A S E R – L I G H T SHOW Columbia City Theater – Friday June 26th, 2009.
• Shepherdstown, West Virginia – WSHC 89.7 RADIO INTERVIEW - June 6th, 2009.
• Seattle, WA – The Columbia City Theater January 22nd, 2009.
• Portland, OR - The Aladdin Theater – Friday August 22nd, 2008.
• Portland, OR - Music Millennium In-Store Performance August 21st, 2008.
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“…Obscured By Clouds unquestionably have immense potential." -Classic Rock Magazine Presents Prog!
Tue 9/29/2009 10:42AM
“…Obscured By Clouds unquestionably have immense potential. …Heavy psychedelic twists…The band manage to create pieces that veer from the more extreme, doom-laden riffs to the occasional lilting ballad, and surprisingly it’s a blend that works well.” Classic Rock Magazine Presents Prog!

“They resemble a more inspired Soundgarden…  It’s an aural entente between UK/US psych templates…” Shindig!