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About me:I stay crunchy in milk. I live work and play in Ocean Beach. I think Brett Dennen has a bobblehead (not to judge or anything, just saying...). My True Colors are Shining Through. Self-Confessed Tree Hugger. Sparkle-wearing, crazy hippie dancer. Random high-fiver and hugger.
Member Since:April 24, 2010
Last Login:April 10, 2011
Location:San Diego, CA
Birthday:December 24
Music means to me:Music and hoola hoops bring the world together.
Schools:UC DAVIS 1992 - 1997
General Interests:Talking about things that don't matter. Rocking out with my fellow fans of bluegrass, string bands, funk, jazz, and reggae. Anything that takes us to a higher level. Ongoing interest in bringing "IT." I HEART Winstons and Bellyup!!!
Other Distractions:Contemplating why Yonder Mountain did not include San Diego on their 2010 tour. Camping. Road trips to music festivals. Restoring retro Schwinn bikes. Hanging out with fellow artists and anti-institution lovers. Meeting new people who also think outside the box, live outside the lines.


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