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About me:I love music, and 95% of the time I love my life due to the side effects of the music. Going to shows is one of my favorite things in the world, being so attuned with everyone and being a part of something so happy and united under music is pure bliss.
Member Since:March 1, 2007
Last Login:March 26, 2008
Location:Littleton, CO
Music means to me:Everything, I never stop listening to music. Thank god for iPods.
Schools:Sand Creek Elementary School, Mountain Ridge Middle School, Mountain Vista High School.
General Interests:Bass guitar, singing, musicals, shows, my friends, dancing.
Other Distractions:I read a million books a week, no exaggeration; White Oleander being my bible. But mostly I spend time with my friends, of course listening to music as we do.


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