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About me:Hummm... I live in Santa Cruz, love music, aspire to rock this fucking world one day (tho i got a ways to go) and hate fucking cucumbers!
Member Since:December 31, 2006
Last Login:May 6, 2007
Location:Santa Cruz, CA
Birthday:August 25
Music means to me:Music is. As is poetry, art, love, hate, sex, religion, fucking snow boarding. Whatever it is its a means in which creativity grows, a place where energy is born.
Schools:Installing Vertue Elementary (ukiah), Santa Cruz Waldorf (santa cruz), Summer Hill Boarding School (Suffolk UK), back to Waldorf, Then off to Santa Cruz High School (SC), The Ark Independent Studies (SC), And now some education here and there from cabrillo community college.
General Interests:Music, Education, Thought, Art, Reading, I mean how do you answer these questions?, Creativity!


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