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About me:Visionary Artist, Graphic Designer, Energy Weaver, Chopper Bicycle Builder.
Creator of Michigan Hippie. Warrior for the Greater-Good. Laid back and yet a neat freak. I need my space clean! It keeps my head clean and creativity flowing! Feng Shui is the real deal!
Member Since:November 30, 2003
Last Login:July 4, 2014
Location:Ferndale, MI
Birthday:March 5
Music means to me:An expression of the divine! A link to universal force! Music is the great communicator!
Schools:College for Creative Studies, Art Institute of Chicago
General Interests:Sustainable Technologies,Sacred Geometry,KUTUMBA,Nomads, Modern Tribalism, Motorcycles, Metalworking,Women,Textiles,Biodiversity,Exotic-People-Places-Things,Yoga,Meditation
Other Distractions:Transforming Dirty Dead Detroit City into the epicenter of the new Paradigm! Sustainability and interconnectedness of earth, sprit, cosmos, and human consciousness!


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