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About me:I love Music, especially out side, Love the sky, Flowers, Crystals, Smiles, Green, Natural way of life, Friend, Family, And anything that involves music, friends, and dank beer!
Member Since:October 12, 2007
Last Login:November 7, 2010
Location:Des Moines, IA
Birthday:October 28
Music means to me:Life. Love. Light.
Schools:Love to learn beauitful things. Real things. Space, Stars, Art, Geology, Knowledge of everything in our cosmic world called earth in a Giant universe.
General Interests:Grateful Dead. Tye-die, Earth, Crystals, Beauty, Humans, Festivals, Concerts out side, Hiking, Kayaking, Brew organic beers, Glass, Swimming, Dancn, Skateboarding, Hackey sack, Kind bud, Dirty, funky beats that makes you want to get down right dirty on the dance floor.
Other Distractions:I like my Rocks Red, and my grass Blue!