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About me: I'm in it to win it, I just don't know what I'm tryin to win.
I'm 22 and and probablly will be for life, age is nothing but a number.
I enjoy traveling and think the experience you gain from it can't be taught to you, but can be learned through an open mind while on journies.
I was fortunate enough to back pack through Europe and I gained a better understanding of what really matters in this world, experiencing culture and learning from it.
I've got some great friends that are extremlly talented musicians, it's like going to a show every time we get together and party as well as just bustin a chill.
Member Since:January 13, 2007
Last Login:December 16, 2008
Location:Hiram, GA
Birthday:August 5
Music means to me: Music is resposible for most of the real people I have meet in this world, and I usually feel an instant connection with them.
I love the festival scene, it is like going to an island that is a safe zone for heads where the laws can be broken consiquence free, it's the closest most of come to actual freedom.
Music the rytheme and the beat of life, and when it touches you it's better than any drug
Schools:Norton Park Ele., P.B. Ritch Ele., South Paulding Middle, Paulding Co. High, Hiram High, LaGrange College, University of West Ga.
General Interests:To be happy and enjoy life. I also want to experience as many different aspects of living as possible. Traveling is a great way to learn, about yourself and life, and I think that is my next goal; to travel with no limits, and go where the wind blows
Other Distractions:I am a party junky. I feel left out when I'm not enjoying life to the fullest. Somtimes it keeps me away from the things I should be doing, but you will never know what it means to do right if you have never been wrong.


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