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About me:tomfoolery | abundance
indulging @citywinerychi
Member Since:May 19, 2013
Last Login:February 23, 2014
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:April 2
Music means to me:the expression humans organized to communicate when all else failed (smoke signals had their chance, too). true emotions.
Schools:Northwest Missouri State University
Imperial College London
Bachelor of Science
Music Education
General Interests:wine, food, fashion design, textiles, graphic design, prose, technology integration, business development, org comm, game nights, team sports, blogs, twitter, social media, invention,
Other Distractions:Startups, web coding, reading textbooks, work, beer, spirits, junk food, apple fritters, my dog Ollie, opera, progressive theatre, experimental hair coloring , big ideas, ted talks, late night brainstorming, excel, laughing, riddles


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