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About me:Music lover, rhythmn geek, fascinated by the power of music, inspired by those who create it. Constantly looking for the next new sound.
Member Since:July 12, 2010
Last Login:August 2, 2010
Location:South Portland, ME
Birthday:January 11
Music means to me:Where to begin, music & life go hand in hand. Being a professional, modern & tap dancer, music has become a staple in my world & I honestly can't imagine life without it. Music can be the escape we need from reality, or it can be the reality we need. It has a power to bring people together that I find endlessly fascinating. The right music has the chameleon like quality of being what we need it to be when we need it to.
Schools:Roger Williams University
General Interests:Anything outdoors, biking, hiking, camping, sunrises, sunsets, clouds, visual arts, concert production & promotion, traveling, meeting new people, laughing a lot
Other Distractions:Reality.


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