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About me:I am a lightshow artist, musician, combining my love of visual art and music to create psychedelic lightshows for live music concerts. I project the backdrop lightshows for Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush (FMMR) tours. I believe in the amazing power of love to transform and elevate anyone to a higher state of being which can touch and bless anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Member Since:June 14, 2007
Last Login:July 14, 2009
Location:Concord, NC
Music means to me:Music to me is an awesome force of creative, motivating energy which is a vehicle for the human spirit to express itself through, feed on, be inspired and motivated by and used for most any purpose.
General Interests:The Universe, the future, the Earth, God, consiousness, all realities and changing ourselves to preserve, improve, heal and bless all in the present and the future. Time may be shorter than we think.


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