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About me:I don't do much. I listen to music a lot, and I love live music. I have long hair, and love it. I'm easy-going and consider myself a decent person. I'm pretty smart, and tend to like you unless you do something to me. Live and love, right?
Member Since:February 22, 2008
Last Login:May 27, 2008
Location:Sabina, OH
Birthday:February 9
Music means to me:Music is the world to me. If I went deaf, I'd probably kill myself. Music means everything to me, and is the greatest expression one can make. I love it and everything about it.
Schools:Went to High School
General Interests:People and why they do what they do, food, reading, and video games.
Other Distractions:Drums, hackie sack, friends, family, my car, rock band, finding something to do with my life.


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