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About me:I'm a native Texan who voted for Kinkey Friedman for Governer last November and cried afterwords. I love my stat very much, however I can't deny the fact that my spirit belongs to Colorado. I have been plaing music for more than ten years now and have liked plenty of music along the way. It wasn't until my good friend turned me unto Grateful Dead 2 years ago that my music intrests immediatly changed. I think it was then that I threw away all the crap that I thought I liked and started being devoted to Jam Band type music. Living in Dallas, though, isn't the best place to be in order to find other Jam Band fanatics so I've learned. Thanx for checking me out and If you happen to be around the DFW area, Lets hook up.
Member Since:December 13, 2006
Last Login:August 15, 2007
Location:Euless, TX
Birthday:October 6
Music means to me:Everything... It is my escape and my reality... Music is everywhere fand is the soundtrack to my life... I love playing, listening, dancing to, making love to, and living music..
Schools:Lamar High School, Angelina College, Tarrant County College, Devry
General Interests:(Away from music) Wrestling, Camping, and Sky Diving
Other Distractions:24-That show is soooo addictive and soooooo intense


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