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SECOND SUPPER review of Moon Boot Posse
Fri 4/10/2009 4:14PM
Moon Boot Posse is a party band, a mixture of reggae stutters, with Red Hot Chilli Peppers-grade funk. The Chilli Peppers influence is a crucial ingredient, best embodied in vocals that sound like eerie replicas of Anthony Kiedis. "Placement" stands as the zenith of comparrison, in which the Kiedis-like raps burst the dam. On the other side of it's sonic landscape lie staccato guitar lines, heralding reggae bounce and reggae wavy lyrics. The big word to describe this album is CHILL. Moon Boot Posse goes to great lenghts to bring this uncomplicated chill, and it's mission has been accomplished!" Brett Emerson ~ SECOND SUPPER
MYXER Review of Moon Boot Posse
Fri 4/10/2009 4:14PM
"A heavy funk-infusion is what’s on deck when your ears bear witness to the sounds of La Crosse, Wisconsin’s own, Moon Boot Posse. Anchored by monstrous basslines and the conscious, imploring vocals of the band’s frontman, Patrick Ryan, these guys sound more like they’d be from the warm environs of Southern California, than the frigid confines of the Midwest. If you’re into the quasi-reggae stylings of Sublime, the groovin’ funk of G-Love and others of that ilk, Moon Boot Posse is just what you’re searchin’ for. Hurry along, get those boots strapped on and prepare to make a funky lunar landing!" Josh Tellin ~ MYXER