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About me:I'm a spontaneous, hot & cold, hard-working, hard-partying, rock & roller, who loves everything in life, which is why it can piss me off every once in a while. I love to experiment with the outrageous, experience new things, and chill with my boys and lots of beautiful women.
Member Since:March 6, 2007
Last Login:January 17, 2015
Location:Raleigh, NC
Birthday:October 2
Music means to me:There is nothing greater in life than an incredible show, in an incredible place, with incredible people (friends and gorgeous girls), and of course an incredible band. Everyone has their time when they go to a show of one of their favorite bands (SCI, WSP, moe..) and it just turns out to be the best ever, In the words of Michael Jackson "Can't stop till you get enough" Oh yeah Led Zeppelin Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Schools:East Carolina University
General Interests:Cars, trucks, film, tv production, directing, SPORTS, football, basketball, Pirates Arrrrgghhhhh....., Redskins, poker, MUSIC, paintball, the world, traveling, planes, bikes, girls, friends, family, just people in general i love, reading, writing, learning, miss college soooo much
Other Distractions:this lengthy Bio


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