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MisEuphoria, a standard 4-piece band with a mission and a dream, has a simple method they follow when it comes to Rock and Roll. Believe in our simple message, “Sex~ Rum~ and Rock & Roll. Two guitarists, a bassist, and a drummer decided from the beginning not to fall into any categories or follow in any footsteps, but only to play music that is fun to perform as well as pleasurable to listen to. MisEuphoria sounds like if Metallica and Guns and Roses had a threesome love child with Jimmy Eat World, complete with cocaine and rum involved. With all of the inevitable roadblocks any local band would encounter, the band has found a stable foundation of members who all aspire to move musically in the same direction. With Eric on lead vocals & rhythm guitar, Billy Jack on Lead guitar, Melanie on the bass, and Chris on the drums, the band has composed numerous songs that inspire and move. The members come from various walks of life, with different musical ideas. Fortunately, this amalgam of influences fit together like a puzzle to effectively round off a complete, polished group. MisEuphoria has shared bills with accomplished acts such as Winger, Rancid, Bad Religion, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Ataris, Jimmy Eat World and Sammy Hagar. With a stint on the Warped Tour and two visits to Nissan Pavilion, as well as performing at all of the local clubs right here in Baltimore, it would be safe to say MisEuphoria has seen the highs and lows of performing live music. With such an active local music scene emerging from Baltimore, MisEuphoria is one of the bands that stand out from the rest with their innovation, drive, perseverance, and professionalism.
Member Since:July 7, 2006
Last Login:February 14, 2012
Location:Severna Park, MD
Birthday:January 18
Music means to me:We Think That Music Should Make You Want To Kick Someone In The Throat And Then Ask Them If They Want A Beer...
General Interests:Beer, Cigarettes, Women, Booze, Rock and Roll, and Equipment
Other Distractions:Sex and Drinking


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