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About me:Many have described this band as "psychedelically stimulating human evolution". With influences such as Tenacious D, Iron Maiden, Led Zepplin and The Who these four men have created a new genre... Epic Acoustic Folk Rock!

In the beginning... Mikey and the Alignment!

Michael Barrett, aka Mikey is the singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist. He writes stories that are dramatic and theatrical touching on all things magical, mystical and heroic.

In March 2010, after three years of songwriting Mikey tentatively stepped out of his comfort zone and onto the open mic stage.
Just over a year later on July 2, with over fifty humble performances under his belt, Mikey formed his band. The worthy chosen are as follows; Tristan Bowman on bass, Dan Trotter on guitar and Leland Hallet on drums.

Musically these men drew together quickly recording their first album "From the wizards sleave" in March 2012. On April 30 they released three tracks online...
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Music means to me:Stimulation creatively, physically, spiritually, euphorically;) and one (hopefully) financially!
General Interests:Personal strength and fitness, any art-form, my Wife;) and mystical magical adventures!


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