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About me:I enjoy Bible trivia, beating my wife, dangling cinder blocks from my sac on the weekends and reverse police brutality. Also I enjoy smoking everything, except clove cigarettes.
Member Since:April 5, 2012
Last Login:January 16, 2015
Location:San Diego, CA
Birthday:May 2
Music means to me:That someday I will get to sing The National Anthem and Take Me Out To The Ballgame with Luther Campbell of The 2 Live Crew and Roseanne Barr at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Preferably on the Fourth of July.
Schools:QEC London
General Interests:indoor blueberry horticulture, Shoes, asbestos removal, Africa, Alex Trebek, parcheesi, water, and street hustling.
Other Distractions:lung cancer research, running marathons, Russian literature,volunteer work with the elderly, and feeding people B.S. all the time


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