Miekael's Profile

About me:Just a creative, fun, music loving guy. Enjoy concerts, and try to attend as many that come around as possible.
Member Since:July 17, 2006
Last Login:August 31, 2006
Location:Auburn, CA
Birthday:February 23
Music means to me:Music is a way of life, I find a connection in songs, and meanings that relate to me. I think it's something that binds people, and is a true form of art and expression.
Schools:Placer High
General Interests:Music, guitar, movies, books, some select TV shows, drinking and whoring.
Other Distractions:Movies: Aliens, Serenity, LOTR, Sci-fi in general, or anything with a great story and plot. Books: H.G. Wells, R.A. Hienlen, J.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, and all the rest that can tell a story. TV: Firefly, Family Guy, Rescue Me, The Shield, The Sorpronos, Entourage, Lucky Louie, Battlestar Galactica, Ghost Hunters, Robot Chicken