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About me:I am an AUZZIEE!! i'm male and I love heavy metal, i do like other genres to, but heavy metal and some screamo is my favourite genre of music. Im a cool guy if ya get to know me, I'm just a true blue Aussie born dude.
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Birthday:April 21
Music means to me:Everything, I would die without music, although I do not play any instruments, I am trying (NOTE THE WORD TRYING) to build up a good metal or screamo voice, I have finally figured out how to do it properly, now all I need to do is fine tune my voice so that it sounds good.
Schools:I go to Hillbrook Anglican School, although I am not religious myself.
General Interests:I love horror movies, sitcoms, and reading


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Awesome music that I have recently discovered!
Fri 3/12/2010 6:29PM
There are two main bands I'm gonna mention, both of which could be considered Dark Electro, Industrial or even something like Electro/Industrial Metal. PreEmptive Strike 0.1 is the first. I have been a fan of these guys for a little while now, about a year, and I love their music. If you enjoy rave music mixed with Metal mixed with some awesome 'creepy' sounds and phrases mixed in with it all. 5 star band, anyone who reads this check them out. The second band I'm going to mention is one that I only discovered on Friday the 12th of March. They are called SADIZTIK:INJEKTION and are the same sort of band, but have a bit less vocal work. They mainly seem to focus on the symphonic sounds along with the rave type music, I would also rate these guys a 5 star band. If you get a chance, check em both out, you won't regret it