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About me:As a native of the Birthplace of Rock-N-Roll, Jeremy Steven Walker, a.k.a. J Walker, always had his ear by the speaker and one finger on the dial. Born to a local Memphis Radio DJ / Voice Actor, J was fueled by his passion for music and the arts at a very young age. Always the performer, J, along with his cousins and childhood friends, would make mix tapes, recording their own written raps over their favorite artists’ beats. This obsession for music would eventually develop into a strong love for all of the performing arts, and become a catalyst for an exciting career to come.

As he grew older, J Walker’s creativity began to manifest itself in other ways. He moved away from writing rhymes, and began to write poetry and short stories to express his creativity. Although his content was sometimes a tad explicit for an adolescent, thus he often got into trouble from his Mother and teachers for his work. This never derailed J, however, as he continued to write and dream of one day getting his stories published. As a high school student, he continued to write, but found a renewed passion for his first love – music. He never actually played an instrument, but began attending live shows almost religiously to feed his addiction to the art. He would pack in small cars with his friends and travel all around the Southeast, following his favorite artists from town to town. The live music experience became such a major part of his life that he would often skip school just to catch the next show. Much to his Mother’s dismay, his obsession with music began to greatly affect his grades in school. J soon began to notice the negative effect he was having on his family and decided that it was time he changed his focus.

In 2001, J relocated to Colorado. It was there where he began his career in the entertainment industry. He teamed up with several local musical acts and formed his own artist management company and booking agency. After gaining much success locally, he signed several more regional and national acts to represent under his newly formed company. By 2006, Elysian Artists, Inc. had evolved into one of Colorado’s premier music management companies. Yet, even with all of the success J had gained in the music industry, he was still unsatisfied with the direction his life was taking. He felt that he was in fact sacrificing his own artistic ability by focusing so much of his time and attention on others. So unsure of his next move, J turned to his older brother, christian B, for advice. An emerging actor and model, christian B recognized his brother’s familial desire to entertain and convinced him to explore being an artist himself, instead of merely representing them. Not surprisingly, J immediately found solace in his new role, and quickly gained momentum as the modeling world took notice of his on camera charm. Before long he signed a contract with a Denver talent agency, who urged the fledgling model to direct his talents toward acting. After just one acting class, J was hooked. He had finally realized what he had been missing for so many years – the desire to perform; the desire to be an actor.

J Walker began his training with a few different coaches before settling into the Colorado Film School for their accredited Acting for the Screen program. Through his studies at the school, he has been fortunate to gain knowledge of being on both sides of the camera. Quoted by several acting coaches, directors, and other industry professionals as being “the most skilled young actor they have ever seen,” J has made a strong impact on the acting world in just a short period of time. He works intently on perfecting his talent each day is constantly finding different methods to hone his craft. Fueled by his passion for the art, and drive for success, J Walker continues to grow and take on more and more challenging roles. Now with several lead roles under his belt, the young star has only just begun to shine.

J Walker has appeared in a number of films, including Jamin Winans’s critically acclaimed, suspense thriller, “INK” as well as the long anticipated drama, “I AM” directed by Emmy Award nominee, Matthew Dean Russell. Fresh off the stage of two highly praised Los Angeles theater productions, “Dark Side of the Moon” and "Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes... Love" , he is currently starring in several notable film projects both in production and post-production, as well as writing his first screenplay, based on his hometown of Memphis, TN, “Greyhaven.”

For more information, please view J’s website: http://www.jwalkerscene.com or IMDb profile: http://www.imdb.me/jwalker
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The MENAGERIE Renuite!
Fri 12/7/2007 1:46PM
Wassup people?! For those of you who haven't known me for very long, before I began my professional acting / modeling career, I managed an up and coming rock band out of Boulder, CO called The MENAGERIE. (Check out their music on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/themenage) This band spawned the creation of my entertainment management company, Elysian Artists, Inc. It has been over three years since this band has formally played together, and there has been LOTS of changes in the lives of the musicians, and their manager, since the group's last concert. Well... next Thursday, December 13th, the boys will reunite once again for one final performance!!!

w/ Riverbend
Thursday, December 13th, 2007
1135 13th Street, Boulder, CO
Doors Open @ 9:00 p.m.
Show Begins @ 9:30 p.m.
$5 Tix - ADV / DOS



This will certainly be a memorable night for all of us who were involved in this once thriving organization. This does not just include myself and the musicians in the band, but it also includes all of the dedicated fans across the nation who at one time supported us. On behalf of The MENAGERIE, I ask all of you out there to come out and show some love one final time for the band that not only changed my life, but so many others.

If any of my MySpace friends are seriously interested in attending, please let me know and I will make sure you are taken care of with a FREE ticket. That's right, FREE TICKET!!! Just send me an e-mail through MySpace, or give me a call if you have my number.


peace and love,