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About me:My name is Meg and I recently got accepted to teach overseas to South Africa for the summer to teach and discuss with children HIV/AIDS awareness. My passion lies within the educator and advocator for the education overseas and informing those on the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

As a music buff, teaching overseas will limit me to my fun filled summers as I will be overseas and in the meantime working and fundraising for the program I got accepted into to go to Africa.

I would love to see some live bands, meet amazing people and get one festival in per my summer tradition before I depart the states for an amazing journey.
Member Since:January 8, 2011
Last Login:February 26, 2013
Location:West Chester, PA
Music means to me:Freedom. Equality. Music is a common interest that leads people to love, be loved and not be judged for what sooths their soul
Schools:Master of Education
Recently applied for my Doctorate in Human Sexuality (Fingers crossed I get accepted!)
General Interests:I volunteer for a camp for children infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS awareness. I also love photography, planting flowers and yoga
Other Distractions:People watching


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