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Member Since:October 7, 2010
Last Login:August 15, 2011
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:January 6
Music means to me:It resonates with me on various levels. On one hand (and subsequently with certain types of music), I feel an intense emotional response, a chill running down my spine or a hyper euphoria. On the other hand, I experience a truly challenging intellectual experience. Dissonant, unexpected chords, complex rhythms, unusual intervals: these are all things I don't understand and thus challenge me to listen better and learn more about music. These two reactions are rarely exclusive in any given song, and I'd have to say that my favorite music is the kind that resonates most vibrantly for me in both realms.
Schools:University of Chicago
General Interests:Physics, Movies, Books, Art, Theater, Thinking about complex questions
Other Distractions:I'm in college. Distractions are far too abundant.


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