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About me:I'm a Canadian/American guy who's lived on the East coast most of his life. I went to my first and only Grateful Dead show on Oct. 9th 1994 at the Caps Center in Landover, MD. After that my life took on a whole new direction. I spent those early post Jerry years going to places like Wilmer's park every other weekend. I've been to 9 out of the past 11 All Good Music Festivals, the first 2 Camp Biscos, all of the Atumn Equinox Festivals(which are no more since 2000), and countless of other shows up and down the east coast. I love live music, and if you ever see me at a show, I'll more than likely be dancing my ass off.
Member Since:April 23, 2008
Last Login:May 13, 2011
Location:Barre, VT
Birthday:January 21
Music means to me:Music is such an integral part of my life, that I could never imagine life without it. When I am at a show (sober or not) and the music i just right, and I the way my body and mind feel as I dance (most of the time with my eyes closed) is such a gratifying experience that I can't live without it. I went to All Good last year ('07) and danced for 30 hours.......... believe it or not it's true. I'll dance when no one is dancing, as long as the music moves me, then I'll move. I could care less what any one thinks of me, I love my life and all of my emotions come out when I dance, it's my therapy!
Schools:High School DIploma
Vancouver Film School
General Interests:Makin' movies!!!!! Watching movies!!!!


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