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About me:Well, let's see...I live in Gunnison, CO and go to Western State College of Colorado (aka Wasted State lol) I love to snowboard and I LOVE live music. I work at a head shop called The Crested Butte Tobacconist and needless to say my job fuckin' rocks. Originally I'm from Denver and I'm so glad to be out here in the middle of these beautiful mountains. What else? Hmm...My roommates and I party like rockstars (currently I am sitting in the living room surveying the wreckage from last nite). Oh yeah and one more thing, I just landed this really cool gig passing out flyers and putting up posters for the various shows that come through Crested Butte in return for gettin' in the door free. Gotta love THAT hook-up :)
Member Since:December 3, 2006
Last Login:March 19, 2011
Location:Gunnison, CO
Birthday:January 5
Music means to me:Live Music Play Life, that's my motto (borrowed it from a very awesome girl named Sadie). Music is what drives my life, I'm always voracious for new sounds.
Schools:Biology major
General Interests:DANCING!! Singing, laughing, loving, painting, throwing on the potter's wheel, hula hooping, camping, reading, hiking, fishing and making the most of every day.
Other Distractions:The once a month trips my buddies and I take back to Denver to RAVE the nite away


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